busy bee

Shoot. Edit. Post. Shoot. Edit. Post. (Repeat several more times)

Ah, the life of a photographer. Lately it seems like shooting pictures has been the only option on my menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I am loving every minute of it.

First thing I have to mention is the new lens I bought! It’s a 50mm f/1.8 II, commonly referred to as the “Nifty Fifty” and I know I’d mentioned it a couple months ago. I finally broke down and splurged for once, and couldn’t be happier I did. This tiny lens is genius and makes beautiful pictures. I would totally recommend a splurge of the $140 yourself if you’re looking for an awesome portrait lens.

In thanks to the newest member of my camera collection, last weekend’s maternity shoot with my cousin went awesome! We shot at Woodward Park in Tulsa, where the azaleas were in a beautiful full bloom and the weather was perfect. I’d love some feedback on how you think the pictures turned out, and am totally open to constructive criticism since I am new to the maternity trend.  (the password is kykomains)

This weekend I shot Lacrosse Team and Portrait photos for my brother’s team, as well as a father/daughter sprint car racing team for a photo essay I’m working on. Both went well and again, I was very pleased with shots taken by the Nifty Fifty.I have more racing pictures scheduled for the future and will definitely provide a preview to those when they’re available.

On a slightly different subject, a friend of mine and I have started our own business and we’re calling ourselves “Two Girls and a Camera.” The website is still in the developing stage, however take a look for all the things we’ll be shooting now and in the future. Hopefully this will be a nice little side job for me to do while I’m interning and even once school starts back up in the fall.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s responses and hopefully all of you are staying as busy am I am!

Happy Shooting!


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