Update on Life

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my personal life, and goodness has a lot happened!

The most exciting thing by far was landing an insane internship for the summer with a smaller newspaper in Tulsa called, GTR (Greater Tulsa Reporter). I got the job on the spot, and was told I’ll have opportunities to shoot The Tulsa Drillers, The Tulsa Shock, and The Tulsa Talons! Those words alone, were music to my ears. What more could an aspiring Sports Photographer, who’s not even out of college, as for? If you were thinking “nothing,” then we’re on the same page.

I know I’ve talked about resumes on here before, but after finding this site that challenged my creativity on what a resume “should look like,” I decided to take the challenge. I was complimented several times on my resume for being different and standing out, and I honestly believe that worked in my favor. So, here’s a copy of my resume, and if you’re looking for internships too, I strongly recommend NOT taking the safe route!

While we’re on the topic of accepting challenges, I’m the one who’s looking for advice now. My cousin asked me to take her maternity pictures next weekend, and I can honestly tell you, I’m super nervous. I’m sure they’ll turn out fine, but the closest thing I’ve shot to that are family portraits. So I’ve been doing some research and found the perfect 7 tips for taking great maternity pictures. Hopefully if you find yourself in this same boat these tips will ease your nerves like it has mine.

I’ll let you know how the shoot goes next week and maybe even give you a short preview! Until then, Happy Shooting!



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