capture the moment

Most people fall in love with photography because it is one of the few ways to freeze time. Pictures allow us to go back in time and remember moments that were “once in a life time” opportunities and relive those instances that are so dear to our hearts. Capturing the moment is by far my favorite part of photography. Whether it’s snapping the shot right as the basketball player is dunking the ball, or when the perfect family portrait is used as a Christmas card, capturing the moment is what photography is about.

I was shown this video recently, about “moments” and how they are truly in the eye of the beholder. A moment is what you make of it and how you chose to interpret the shot. Capturing that moment on film is like backing it up on a hard drive that can never break.

One of the most important events in someone’s life is arguably their wedding day. This is the event that girls dream of their whole lives, and capturing EVERY moment of that day is critical. This site shares the best tips to make your wedding pictures come out fabulous. How people survived before cameras, I will never understand because looking back on memories like these are priceless.

A local photographer I have grown fond of does a remarkable job at capturing the perfect moments on film. She is so creative in the way she finds just the right angle and perspective to make the image perfect. I strongly encourage you to browse through her website and see what I am talking about.

As for some moments I’ve captured, here are a few of my favorite.

Photo Credit: Kylie McMains

Photo Credit: Kylie McMains

Photo Credit: Kylie McMains


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