getting prepared

Stressing about geting ready for internships? Here are some tips to help you get ready.

This school semester is going by quicker than I imagined and the deadlines for summer internships are right around the corner. This last week I have frantically been finishing my resume, making a cover letter, and working on a portfolio. After talking to my photojournalism professor, and learning that I should be starting an online portfolio as well, I had a slight mental breakdown. However, I stumbled upon a sight that I would arguably call a life-saver. This site shows you how to easily make an online photo album that looks clean and professional. I would say this is a great place to start if you find yourself in the same boat I’ve been in this week.

After completing my online portfolio, I found myself stressing about my resume and cover letter. If you are lucky like me, and your school has a career service center, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF IT! I wrote a rough draft of my resume with the help of the HireOSUgrads website. Even if your University doesn’t offer something like this, the Oklahoma State’s version is a great place to start. The next day after finishing my rough draft, I took it to the career services center, where there was a resume doctor who critiqued my resume until it was perfect. I definitely recomend this trick to any other college student looking to start a resume.


Photographer with a sense of humor? Bookmark this site, IMMEDIATELY.

I found this site while killing time in between classes this week, and it is classic. It’s raw and funny, with some great tips involving the world of photojournalism. I would warn you it’s not a place to visit if you are easily offended, or have a problem with bad words. However, if you’re like me and prefer things to be handed to you back and white, with no cookie-cutting, it is worth your time to pay this blog a visit. Let me know your feedback!


Looking for a new podcast to run through your speakers?

Although I’m still learning about the world of podcasts, TWiP is one I would sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to ASAP! TWiP stands for “This Week in Photography,” and discusses the latest photography news, techniques and technology. You’ll hear information dealing with how to take perfect family portrait to how exactly cameras work.



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