macro photography

Learning new things your camera can do, may be more exciting then finding a $20 bill on the ground while walking to class. This week in my photojournalism class my teacher challenged me to use the macro setting on my camera. I’d seen the setting on my lens several times, and heard of others using it to make really neat photos. I however, had never taken the time to experiment for myself. Until now that is.

It took me a little while to figure out just how it worked. It was hard to get just the right about of distance between you and the object for everything to come out perfectly clean and crisp. So naturally, I did my homework. I stumbled upon a dummy course “how-to” in macro photography and learned a lot. After a few hours of learning, along with a few more of trial and error, I think I may have gotten the hang of it.

I really enjoy the softness of the backgrounds against the selective focus of the objects. I’ll share a few of the photos I took while experimenting. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged. After all, the best way to improve your images, is to share them with others.

Photo Credit: Kylie McMains

Photo Credit: Kylie McMains

Click here to view more of the photos from the photojournalism students at Oklahoma State University.


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